Energies are nor good or bad

I was wondering for long time about the good, evil, spirits and all the superstitions I was surrounded since a kid. In my spiritual life until now, I’ve tried Kundalini, Mindfulness, Reiki, Bioenergetics, Aroma therapy healing, Bach flowers, Feng Shui and all sorts of “ezoteric” alternatives to live your life in a safe way. Most of them talk about protection against bad spirits/energies,  purification methods for the space we leave in or rituals to avoid  bad luck and bad intentions.

Slowly knowing more and more about all this, I was attentive and concentrate to do all the necessary daily measures-  burn the right incense, to put the suitable gemstone near the bed or put the right chakra frequency song. And meanwhile I was freaking out to not to screw it somehow up and lose my protection, my fiancee was calmly and steadily reading a magazine, watching TV or playing tennis without any worry about energies and superstitions. 🙂

I was wondering whether the universe rules apply only to those who believe in them?  Or why some ake all the necessary measures and others stay chill and nothing happens to them. 

I am still on the journey to connect the dots and understand the lines that rules different worlds and I know one day I’ll find my answers. Until then I’ll stay with the saying of Paalu – “Energies around us  are not good nor bad just the way we use them makes the difference” . If I’d translate this to my understanding and compare it to the electricity which is a powerful energy: you can create light or kill with the same quantity of watts. 

Questions bring up more questions…and that’s why the learning process is so blissful… 



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