We have just finished the 3 intensive weeks for 200hr YTT!
Our strength, our weakness are all exposed through those hard-but-interesting days.
We have got the feeling of being at home with family, which for me it was very sweet and long lasting.  We laughed, we cried, we enjoy very much every moment… everyday, we recognize the new meaningful thing from the normal action in life;
For me, interesting part is that I could review thing in 2 completely opposite point of views and realize that everything is still the same! Just like 2 sides of the Moon, but we have never saw the dark side!
Actually, sometimes suddenly I was touching my hand and asking if the body that I am living in is really mine?! So funny, I have never got such strange question so far. Then, the answer is even more strange: It is only part of mine! The body I live in is only the Physical Body! All the other bodies are waiting to be explored and they are just hidden some where on the path…
Exploring the Physical Body through the anatomical systems is another extremely interesting for me as well;  there are a lot of thing happened inside our body but we were blinded until going through all the Respiration, Cardiovascular, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous Systems;
We eat, we breath, we use every part of our body everyday but we are very “lazy” to maintain it or at least thinking to do so;
Luckily, Yoga is the best way to improve and strengthen our lives physically, mentally and spiritually.
We have started to walk on the Yoga path, we would keep on going day by day and surely we will meet again!
Kind Regards!
Pham Quang Thu, Bhairava

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