My first encounter with Jala Neti

The idea of pouring water through my nose has never ever crossed my mind and whenever I watched people doing that on Youtube, I considered that as an ability that deserved to appear on America’s got Talent show.
A year ago, when I started practicing asana, I found out that this is one of the Shatkarmas, the six cleansing techniques in Yoga called Jala Neti. It helps to relieve many problems related to the respiratory systems such as nasal and sinus cavities. It can also help to remove dirt and bacteria trapped with the mucus in the nostrils. By practicing Jala Neti consistently, it can help to re-program the body’s natural mechanism against respiratory issues such as sore throats, coughs, etc. It also gives relief from headache and migraine.
Still, I had no intention of trying this “impossible” task of jala neti.
Not much later, a friend recommended me to an Ayurveda doctor after my constant complains of blocked nose and sinus issues. I decided to pay a visit to this Ayurveda clinic not knowing how exactly I would be treated. When I arrived at the clinic, there was this friendly Ayurveda doctor who met me at the door and let me to the treatment room. Before I knew it, he brought me an Aladdin’s lamp lookalike water container and gently asked me to try this process of nose cleansing! I was stunned but I decided to overcome my fear and give it a try anyway.
I still remember how I cringed my face when I put the tip of the neti pot into one of my nostrils. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first when I started to tilt the pot and let the water flow through my nose. It was like the feeling of getting water in your nose while swimming. However, the moment when I saw water flowing out of the other nostril, the discomfort was gone and I felt like I have accomplished something impossible! I began to relax and was not as afraid when I did the second time through the other nostril.
As gross as it sounds, the sight of mucus flowing down my nose as I went through the jala neti process was therapeutic and the relief of mucus pressure in the nose was sensational.
The effects of jala neti has been enormous for me. The night I went home after the Ayurvedic session, I felt much lighter in my temple and nose region which I haven’t felt in weeks since my flu started. It creates the lightness and clarity in the mind. As I continued with practicing jala neti on my own, I realised my sinusitis issue has improved significantly and I have much lesser sneeze fits in the morning. I haven’t ‘ventured’ into other neti techniques yet but I am truly glad that I tried jala neti and maybe someday I get to ‘perform’ this ability at a talent show!
200hr YTT Vinyasa Sept 2015 (Weekend)

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