Embracing the differences in our bodies

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” ―Confucius

As a yoga practitioner, there is often a perception that I am able to twist and turn in every direction. People will frequently comment “Wow you must be very flexible if you do yoga!” or “OMG can you do a handstand?!” – and I follow with an awkward smile.

Throughout my Yoga journey, I have scuffled with that thought numerous times. I pressured myself to attain these postures and often found myself feeling disappointed when I am unable to accomplish them perfectly. It is only after some time and during my teachers training where I realized that no one’s perfect and we are all different in our own ways. Some of us will have strength and some of us will have flexibility – and both should be celebrated.

Although being able to move effortlessly into a headstand is still a dream for most of us – I am slowly accepting that I do not have a time frame to achieve a certain level of expertise in postures. Our bodies are all different and hence, the lengths and width of our arms and legs vary as well. A posture which may seem easy for some, may require props and adjustments for another. Some may take a month or 2 and others may take a year or so.

There are still times i feel defeated when my peers are able to do some poses at ease while i cant, i make it an active effort to remind myself its okay – i’ll get there, just don’t give up!