Embarkment of a New Journey

imageI started yoga three years ago when I moved to Singapore. The reason I wanted to do it because I thought it could make me like a “hot” girl. (Yeah! The yoga model on the advertisements) Anyway, I signed up in a community centre and started my journey there.
The first change is that I have gained more awareness of my body. I realised that general population including myself have incorrect postures that lead to muscle pain. I am right-handed and have an office job. Not until I got my right upper back and shoulder pain one year ago, then I realised that I had a tighter shoulder because I constantly had a bad posture when I used computer. With the body awareness, I improved my postures and now I am pain free. In my daily life, I remind myself strengthen the spine and lower the shoulder blades in front of the computer; tuck the tailbone in and rotate the inner thighs when standing in the MRT; five steps of cleaning in the morning. With all little reminders, I wish to have a healthy body.
The 200-hour teacher training course has deepening my understanding of yoga. I learned that yoga is not only about physical achievement. It is a holistic approach of oneself including body, mind, spirit and how they connect each other. Practicing asanas is a way of connecting the mind and body. Through practicing yoga, it has improved my concentration and helped me to focus in my hectic work life. It greatly improves my efficiency. Plus, I have a calmer mind when facing challenges so I can peace of mind when facing angry clients. As for the spirit and mind connection, I still have to learn and practice meditation to understand it gradually.
Now, being like a hot girl is not a matter to me anymore. Yoga frees my mind. I realise that it is not a destination, it is about what you experience in the journey. So as LIFE.
YTT Sep – Nov 2015 Weekends (Vinyasa Flow)

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