Dhanurasana – The secret to improve your posture

Dhanurasana - How to do it

It is usually translated as Bow Pose in English, with Dhanu meaning Bow and asana meaning Posture. When you are in this pose, your arms are like the bowstring, whereas your head and torso are the bow’s body.


In recent years, the popularity of science and technology heavily changed the way to communicate and work. People spend much more time using mobile phones and sitting in front of laptops etc. It dramatically impacted our body postures without us even noticing that—for example, hunchback and forward head.

However, many yoga poses can help us fix/improve this posture with practice. Dhanurasana is a good stretch pose to balance front and back groups of muscles.

Step by Step Practice

1.       Lie on your belly

2.       Exhale – bend your knees to lift your feet to bring your heels as close as you can to your buttocks

3.       Engage the posterior deltoids and the triceps to extend the shoulder and extend the elbows and grab the ankle.

4.       Inhale – Engage your hamstrings and gluteus maximus to bring the legs higher, at the same time depress your shoulder blades (trapezius and rhomboids) firmly to open your heart. Gaze forward.  Stay here for 5-10 breathes

Some tips to deepen the pose

1.       Engage the anterior tibialis muscles on the front of the shins and bend the ankle by flex the feet

2.       Engage the adductor longus to avoid the over-opening of the leg, to keep the legs parallel with each other

3.       Engage the erector spinae to arch your lower back

Benefits to the posture

1.       It stretches the pectoralis major and rectus abdomen to lengthen the front line of your body

2.       It strengthens the back muscle groups


1.       Period

2.       Serious lower-back or neck injury

3.       Stomach surgeries

4.       High or low blood pressure