Am I ready for YTT?​

What is YTT? YTT stands for Yoga Teacher Training. We commonly see 200HR YTT, 500HR YTT, 300HR YTT. What are all these? 

200 HR YTT

This is a foundation of yoga teaching course, in this course you will learn the fundamentals of:

  • yoga postures

  • understanding Asanas, Pranayamas, and other meditation techniques

  • yoga Philosophy, anatomy and physiology

  • how yoga classes are structured and conducted

  • asana adjustments and alignment

  • ethics and business of yoga

  • history of yoga

During the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, it will enrich your personal practice, which is paramount in passing wisdom to others. YTT creates a platform for transformation as well as the people you hope to teach.

Any 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and especially an immersion-type, will help you delve deeper into what yoga means for you and your potential students.


This is an advanced course, mainly focused on a holistic yogic lifestyle development, so you can truly live what you teach. These are for all yoga teachers who have completed 200hr yoga teacher training or equivalent and are seeking for more advanced study in the areas of yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, adaptive yoga, sequencing and yoga teaching methodologies.

Other than the YTT shown above, there are a lot of other YTT courses such as Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Wheel, Prenatal Yoga and etc. But the question is, am I ready to attend all these courses? Short answer is of course, however, you will need to at least attend some yoga lessons, understand yourself and your physical body condition and lastly, enjoy what you are doing. 

Then you will come to a point where you have to ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of taking this course

  • Why not take a normal yoga lesson instead?

  • Are you able to commit the time?

If your aim is for a career switch, the fact is you don’t need a YTT certificate to teach yoga in Singapore. To gain more yoga related knowledge, learning how to teach and structure your lesson and provide better help to your students should be your primary concern. If you are just curious about yoga and yogic lifestyle, this course is just a beginning of the journey.



After taking the YTT 200HR course, I find yoga is not just about learning new yoga poses that I used to think of. This course has reshaped my perception, a new way of thinking about life. Yoga is not just an exercise, it is a lifestyle. After the course, I have found a better interpretation of yoga and myself. Hope you will find your way too.