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Why balancing asanas are good for us

The 3 systems that is necessary to work correctly in order to maintain the balance
1. The Ear
2. Eyesight
3. The Proprioceptive System
Majority of them are found in the soles of our feet, ankles, hips, spine and neck. And when they are stimulated by movement, they transmit signals or electrical impulses to the brain, and the brain will help to determine where we are and how we’re moving in space.
It will generate problems in the sense of equilibrium if there’s any failure of these 3 systems.
The importance in practice and in life
Physically – Each balancing asanas can be used to build strength and flexibility in different body parts, muscles, joints and stilling unconscious movementWe get to know our center of gravity, how to align ourselves, improve the function of the equilibrium receptors in the body, and also learn the importance of the yoga principle of rooting down. And as we deepen the practice, we engage new elements into the pose in order to reach the next level.
Mentally – It keeps us focused and concentrated and also helps us to stimulate our memory as well. Balance Asanas were also found to be pretty helpful in relieving stress and reducing inner tensions. These high levels of concentration required in balancing asanas postures make them some of the most meditative poses to practice. Ultimately, it also gives us the ability to control emotions in critical and stressful moments.
Which is why, we are always hearing the yoga masters & teachers instructing us repeatedly to keep our back (spine) straight, engage our core, knees straight (but still microbending), look at one point for focusing, breathe & etc.”