Ego vs Alignment

As someone who is very into yoga, I realised one thing that most people do but they don’t realise it; that is the application of proper alignment and being truth (Satya) in practicing our yoga rather than having this sense of competition. Having the correct alignment, it allows us to feel our body in non-violence (Ahimsa) as per Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

Comparison creates obstruction to our individual progress. It somehow creates mind happiness of self-fulfilment but the body doesn’t. From there, soon you will realise that the foundation is not stable and solid just like a poorly built house. Comparison is natural and unsurprising. As in our daily lives, either work or leisure we tend to have this sense of competition among another. It makes sense that we carry it during our practice. But isn’t it better be truthful to ourselves and use yoga to drop the ego?

Being truth to ourselves; yoga and life are already within ourselves. By keeping our practice correctly and consistently, the fear of not performing good can appear lesser. Practice with a quiet mind, keep our breath powerful and consistent, and be mindful of our movements. Use our heart to listen to our inner self and focus on our personal practice with purpose. It’s us that witness and experience our own individual yoga journey. There will always be a new pose to learn, a new sequence to try, or a new class to experience. This is the beauty of yoga.


– A. Natalia