Eating for a Pitta Dosha- Ayurvedic Nutrition

Being interested in nutrition, I found learning about Ayurvedic nutrition one of the more interesting topics in our yoga teacher training syllabus. Unlike many other fad diets or lifestyles, Ayurveda does not have a one diet suits all approach to nutrition. In contrast, the practice believes that one will optimally benefit from a diet suited to his or her dosha type; referring to the energy circulating in a body that governs his or hers physiological activity. The three types of Dosha’s, Vita, Pitta and Kappa are found in different proportions depending on the individual. However each person is often predominantly a certain Dosha.
I have a Pitta dosha, which in ayurvedic terms, means I possess a lot of “hot energy” and therefore will benefit from a higher carb diet of fresh whole foods. As such, I should favour foods with a cooling energy, like raw fruits and vegetables and avoid flavours that are considered to be spicy or have hot energy, such as chilli and alcohol as they will only increase the pitta energy within me. Additionally, I should increase my intake of dry and dense foods like oats, beans, pasta and reduce my intake of oily and dense food like eggs, cheese, nuts (There goes Sunday breakfast’s!). Ayurveda believes that by being selective and eating this way, I will be able to balance my digestive system and reduce the internal heat and excess liquid and oil often found in individuals who are predominantly Pitta.
A few months ago, prior to learning about Ayurvedic nutrition, I adopted a vegetarian/vegan diet with the occasional fish here and there. As I was increasing my intake of a fresh raw vegetables and whole foods, I noticed an increase in my energy levels, glowing skin and all around a sense of better well-being. This goes to show that there is truth in the practise as I experienced such a difference in my health and and body, without even knowing about ayurvedic nutrition! Thus this topic has opened my eyes to a new world of nutrition and contributes to my belief that turning vegetarian/vegan is one of the best things I have done for my body and health. Honestly, find out your dosha type and give it a try!
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