Eat Like A Yogi

My first yoga retreat was in Bali and it was also my first experience of acroyoga workshop.

Bali is a paradise for yogis and surfers. Everyone seems to be very health conscious here. Yogis I met here mostly eat raw, alkaline and organic food, gluten free and dairy free, even for dessert. Therefore food found here are pretty amazing and so much packed with plant goodness that is satisfying to both taste buds and body.

Eat clean and avoid processed food can help body to detox. Processed food are:

  • – mostly low in nutrients;
  • – high in sugar, fructose corn syrup, refined carbohydrates and trans fats;
  • – low in fiber;
  • – packed with artificial ingredients; and
  • – fast to digest without the need of much energy.

They are so “hyper-rewarding” that lead to overconsumption.

Love yourself, love your body, do not stuff your body too much burden with junk food. The path of food yoga is about reconnecting with your food in such a way that it nourishes your body, mind and soul. In essence, food yoga is a discipline that embraces all spiritual paths by accepting one core truth – that food in its most pure form is divine and therefore an excellent mean to spiritual purification.

Eating can also be a form of yoga. May the food you eat be your medicine. Look young, eat real. 😎 xoxo


Shu (aka Sharon Chong)
200hrs YTT, Sept 2017 (Weekend)
— Blog 3/4