Eat light , eat fresh

What we eat not only effects our physical well being, but our thoughts and emotions. After continue practicing yoga for few weeks , I feel I have a smaller appetite n healthier food habit . Yoga bring me more awareness of my mind and body. I just “know” that what my body wants and what feels right .
Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research centre in Seattle analysing the eating patterns of 300 gym members found that yoga devotees had more controlled eating habits than those who did other types of exercise, and were more likely to stop eating when they felt full. It’s thought that because yoga reduces stress, this in turn prevents stress hormones such as Cortisol – known to trigger binge eating behaviour – from being released. Stressed people tend to seek comfort in carbohydrates as these release feel-good hormones such as Serotonin.So I think yoga practice inevitably will lead me to greater body/health awareness .
Fresh fruit ,vegetables and less processed food increase our physical and mental vitality making it easier to have clarity and lightness, by eating these types of foods we can change our body chemistry and help our digestive system.These foods are light and simple and supply us with all the necessary nutrients.These foods take minimum energy to digest, so the remaining energy can be used more productively .
Let’s eat light,, eat fresh – it will make s difference !

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