To eat or not to eat before yoga class?

To eat or not to eat before yoga class?
What should I eat before early morning yoga class?
Before I started my 200hrs weekday classes, I asked these questions of myself and my body. Because food is so important to us , not only because it sustains our lives, but because everything that we eat is also food for our soul.Yogi’s believe that food is the creator of prana (life force) that sustains our bodies and brings us vitality and health. I also agree that food can change ourselves, our body odors, and even our personalities. Therefore, the types of foods we choose to eat reflect the level of our conscious development.
I really care about what I eat. I feel it is the same as knowing every movement when i practicing yoga – it is awareness of ourselves.So I would like to share with you some my ideas. But remember! Everyone is unique, everybody is different, you should just follow your own body.
Our asana practice class starts at 7:30am, and finishes at 10:30. The theory class starts at 12:30, so we have one hour break in between. Usually I have two meals, one is at 6:30am (before yoga class), the other one is 10:30 (after yoga class).
Early breakfast (6:30am): I am a big fan of breakfast, usually have a lot of food for my breakfast. However, since I start my yoga class, I changed my style. Firstly, have a small meal containing slow-digesting complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, at least 45 mins before yoga class. As my class is a 3hrs intense class, I need food to give my energy:
1. Milk with oats, avocado and nuts.
2. Greek yogurt with banana,nuts.
3. A simple smoothie containing date, banana, almond milk, and oats.
However, if you only have 15mins before class starts, you can try to eat a banana, a protein bar or some nuts.
Breaktime meal (10:30am): It is very tricky to have food at 10:30am. I saw my classmates bring all different kinds of food, so it is really does depend on yourself. Some had rice,meat and veggies, while others only had an apple. Just make sure you have fresh simple food. I suggest having more juicy fruit and protein. After 3 hours class, everyone is dehydrated with a low appetite, and juicy fruit really help to recover our bodies, provide short term energy, while protein helps our muscles recover and strengthen:
1. two eggs, orange, stewed sweet potato
2. prawn salad with tomato, cucumber, pear
3. corn, eggs, avocado, watermelon
Do not eat too much in this meal, otherwise you will fall asleep in the afternoon class. Do eat something as well, otherwise you will very hungry after class (2:00pm), which in turn makes it very easy to have a big meal later in the day (which is very bad for your body).
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