Scientific e-Meditation Workshop

Mind, Techniques and Technology (MTT)





You don’t have to become a monk or yogi or swami to meditate.  You just need to be yourself.  We have the hands-on techniques and technology device to bring you to the STATE.

Meditation is NOT as complicated and religious as some might think.  It is your mind’s and body’s natural state of living.  At Tirisula, Master Paalu, after many years of research, have come up with effective techniques using modern technology to bring you to the meditative state.  The system is completely created by Tirisula and the Master Trainers.  No other meditation program comes close.  You can do it on your own for the rest of your lives.  Stay away from all sorts of illness, stress, pain, and lives persistent problems.  Solve ADHD, insomnia, Bipolar issues.  Corporate companies save on medical expenses and improve productivity and innovation.

There is no singing or chanting of mantras,

no malas,

no need to be body flexible,

you don’t have to wear white clothes or black clothes,

no cults, no trance,

no walking on fire,

no mutilation,

no fasting, no dieting,

you don’t have to be a vegetarian,

no more chronic migraine,

no more acute stress,




  • Delta Waves – (0.1 – 3.9 Hz) — When in a deep, dreamless sleep. Newborns sleep in this stage, adults less so.
  • Theta Waves – (4 – 7.9 Hz) — Dreaming sleep (REM), this is the goal for meditation or self-hypnosis.
  • Alpha Waves – (8 – 13.9 Hz) — Relaxed, daydreaming and watching TV.
  • Beta Waves – (14 – 30 Hz) — The awake state. Engaged in activities and conversation.
  • Gamma Waves – (31 Hz+) — Hyper alert, good for insights and higher learning.



Our Scientific e-Meditation Training (Singapore) is completely mind-blowing.

Learn about the science of breath and mindfulness meditation, and discover techniques (proprietary) using technology to help you lead a more empowered, fulfilling life.

Untangle your karma and bring joy into your stressful life. 

We will teach you where and how to start feeling better, reduce stress, feel more connected with your family and friends.

Create an enhanced environment at your work place.

Break all the myths about mindfulness meditation for Mental Healing and Awakening.


For corporate organisations, reduction of medical leaves, increased productivity and enhanced creativity at the workplace.  Staff will be motivated ALL The Time !!!!



It is a form of mental cultivation, enhancement and living at a higher frequency of positiveness, while breaking free from the clutches of daily stress.

Your mind moves into spiritual growth while your body connects deeper to your soul’s journey.

In this Mindfulness Meditation program, you will also be guided in ways and means to enhance the lives of people around you.

There is no restriction on any race, religion or creed. All are welcome.



What is covered:

– Concept of brain and its functions
– Pranayama/mindfulness meditation techniques from 5000yrs old scientific system
– 5 straight forward meditation techniques for all kind of issues
– 5 effective breathing techniques for Mental Alertness and Awareness
– Usage of New Technology and Devices in support of the techniques
– directing your breath for healing purposes
– some simple, doable postures for everyone.  A simple 10 to 20mins sequence is provided and taught for daily practice.


This course is also perfect for people from all walks of life to help them stay ahead of the stresses of life and growth, be creative, entrepreneurial, live in harmony, and joyful throughout your rest of your life



None at all. All must COME and Try and Believe this whole new Mind, Techniques and Technology System


Duration :

2 days – from 9am to 4pm



For Corporates / SMEs  : If you have a minimum of 10 people, we can fix a date specially for your organisation



  • SGD 1200(Early bird) / SGD 1400 (normal price)
Graduates of Tirisula, enjoy a 10% discount.

What is provided (worth SGD 400), included in the course fees :

  • Yoga Towel and Yoga Mat
  • A High Tech Device to support you meditation practice on your own
Please leave us a message below for more details and upcoming courses.