Me and my Dyana

Dhyana or meditation is a part of the eight limbs of yoga.
As in :
1. Yama
2. Niyama
3. Asana
4. Pranayama
5. Pratyahara
6. Dharana
7. Dhyana
8. Samadhi
In the book said that Dyana is define as an unbroken flow of thought towards the object to the exclusion of other sensual perception. It is also the uninterrupted flow of the mind towards the object.
As i practice along the way today, i fall in love to yoga trough asana. But than on the process yoga teacher start to introduce me to meditation. Which is not easy to follow. In understanding that meditation is to bring the mind to a certain state such that the object on which the mind is meditating on and the mediator lose their limited boundaries and merge and become one. This complete oneness is what we call dhyana.
Learning to sit still and minimize to movement is the first step. And to still the mind is the most difficult part for me especially. But with the time running along the way, i manage to be able to sit still and ignore the pain, the tiredness of my back, and the intention to come out of my meditation etc.
Now coming to bring the stillness on the thought, the most difficult part of all. Some technic is being thought by the teachers that i met.
Anyhow for me, meditating bring a great effect, during meditating, i feel free to imagine and visualize anything that i want. I speak to the while part of my body. To be aware and knowing your body better than before. It makes me to be able to live at the moment, grounded my thought, and slow down everything around me , which is giving me a good feeling about live. I feel content after meditating.
Before I join my yoga teacher training, I have no motivation at all to do meditation by my self. I feel easily bored and giving up when I feel that my back are tired.  But after several attempt and experiencing the sensation that I gain from it, nothing can stop me now. At least 30 minutes a day I try to sit down and close my eyes. I feel so peaceful, when I do it early in the morning just before everyone else waking up.  Still so many thechnic of meditation that have been learn and practice by many great teacher out there. I am keen on learning more and experience the different technics.
Gusbet Fitrian
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