Downward Facing dog


According to me  Downward facing dog is the most iconic and versatile yoga pose .

Almost 24 days in the class and  I doing this pose everyday , sometimes they are part of vinyasa flow.  It was a EUREKA moment for me  when I attended  hip opening asanas which was taught by my fellow mate as a theme class . I realised my strength, stamina and flexibility has improved drastically. All thanks to regular practice.

In the beginning of the month I was struggling with my alignment , raising my leg backwards , tiredness in my arms but after warming up as soon as I used to come in downward dog , I felt relaxed . I started concentrating on my downward dog like engaging my abs , glutts ,lengthening spine, trying to put all my weight to the legs .  I felt great and loved the whole sequence of hip openers .

Benefits of Downward facing dog when you practice everyday :

  1. Stretching and strengthening of arms , chest ,back and shoulder area.
  2. Stretching and opening of back of our legs from the gluts along the hamstrings and down to the calves.
  3. Engaging the abdominal muscles , massages the digestive organs and helps us to digest food.
  4. Pressing our heels down helps to strengthen the calves muscles , feet and toes .
  5. Since this is an inversion, improves the blood circulation as our head is lower than our heart . Improved blood circulation helps flush toxins and stabilises our blood pressure. Flow of the blood to the brain helps us to improve memory , concentration and relives the stress.
  6. Lengthening the spine helps to release tension in the spine.


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