Techniques of yoga poses

Most of yoga practitioner know what is ‘ Downward dog”. But can you do it properly, can you hold this pose for 3 mints without tired, and do you know whether you have ‘Hyper- extended elbows & knee’? To be honest, I have been practice yoga for a while but never hear the word ‘Hyper- extension’ before which I think most of Asian girls have. In this condition, we need to do micro bend when we doing some poses that need our strength with our arms or legs straight otherwise we are using the bones and joints instead of our muscles. Downward dog is the pose request the practitioner to straight both arms and legs, and it’s also the most fundamental and frequence pose during the yoga practice. If you do it with hyper-extension you will need a doctor in the short future.

Another thing makes me so happy that I can do the headstand without the wall in the second week. Basically I can do headstand before, but only against the wall with the kicking leg which makes can’t balance and keep falling, I thought that was because I don’t have enough strength. During the class I learn a lot of techniques about poses especially headstand. It is really amazing.

So how to get into the poses, fell more about the poses. It is not all about strength there are a lot techniques hiding in the pose.