If in doubt, sweat it out!

I have worked as a councillor in both Europe & Asia for over 10 years and I commonly find that most of us humans, at some point in our lives, suffer from Stress.
So much so, that some people can’t remember a time when they weren’t stressed!
We have things we just can’t let go of and patterns of behaviour that keep on occurring and really stressing us out. I do it too and have never been good at taking my own advice!
It’s part of what people crave about Yoga, if you are juggling work & family life and managing to get to a class maybe just once or twice a week, the chilled beautiful peace in Savasana might be the only time of the week you get your peace fix!
The Asanas and breathing lower stress hormones like cortisol & adrenaline which makes us feel more relaxed. The instructions give our busy mind something to focus on so we can stay present.
When we are stressed we often feel muddled and having something solid like a Mantra, pose or breath pattern to focus on can really settle us.
This is the point where we can tune into changes in the body, shifts in our mood or a work induced headache easing off.
The mind & body connection is more tangible here too, we start to really see what’s going on in our head. Meditating and seeing ourselves as a whole or breathing into more intense stretches gives us a much better perspective on our self imposed to do lists!
We have moment to moment awareness in the body as a result, and that so difficult to achieve in the middle of a work day or running around after kids.
But I think, the more we practice & meditate, the more we sweat, the more we can bring that awareness into our daily lives.

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