Doshas & Labels

When I first heard of the Doshas, I rolled my eyes at yet another label to classify people according to their body types. Too often, we find ourselves going through yet another Buzzfeed quiz finding out what your last meal says about what kind of animal you are, only to close that tab feeling the same sense of cluelessness that we came to get rid of. Labels can often generalize (diminish what make us as individuals unique) as well as exacerbating differences where there might not even be one.

However, as I learnt more about it and pondered more about labels, I was able to see the other side of creating categories and labels as well. Further, there are certain aspects about label systems that can make them less divisive as well.

I found that in the 3 Dosha system, everyone has a unique blend of the 3 body types, thus having distinctive characteristics. This acknowledges the notion that you are distinct and should have adjustments personalized.

Being a lover of hot weather and dynamic cities , I found myself really resonating with the Vata-Pitta body type. The dietary and lifestyle adjustments definitely make sense for me as well. The advice from the Ayurvedic system is to eat more cooling fruits/vegetables such as watermelons/apples. It also encourages more quiet meditation to promote balance, which was something that I realized I tended to miss out on as well.

Each Dosha is also not seen as either positive or negative, but just as is. I believe this really aid our understanding to guide intentions and actions to create more balance for each individual, instead of static normative labels.

So, at the risk of sounding very Buzzfeed like, checking out your Doshas might help you realize some aspects of your diet/lifestyle that may have been out of balance for some time. After all, everyone has their own journey and should find out what works for you as a unique individual!