Does the YTT suit me?

When I first applied for the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), my objectives were to deepen my practice and determine if I am cut out to be a yoga instructor. I also wanted to see if I am serious about becoming one.

The YTT in Tirisula not only focuses on posture practice but also anatomy and yoga philosophy. There are many things to read up, remember and apply. It is not easy. The last time that I studied so intensively was probably more than 20 years ago when I was still in school.

I am about 75% through the course and I understand why it is essential to combine anatomy and yoga philosophy with posture practice. As we begin drafting our lessons plans and teaching our classmates, I can now see why having a basic understanding of the anatomy and philosophy is important – It makes us more aware of other dynamics in a class and look out for things that may be affecting our students.

It makes me realise that it takes a lot to be a yoga instructor, not just by merely achieving those postures. It takes years, not 4 weeks. It takes experience to learn and improve.

How do I feel about becoming one? Yeah, I am still staying on my course to become one 🙂