Do you have these “strange” habits after yoga for a long time?

Yogis have had “odd habits” that are quite difficult to be understand by those who are not practice yoga.

Check the following list to see if you have managed to get rid of the yoga rookie’s hat.

  • You always want to invite your friend to join you when you do yoga.
  • Your wardrobe completely full of yoga attires.
  • Everything else has to make way for yoga practice.
  • You will chat to anyone about yoga even it’s the first time you meet each other.
  • Choose a hotel with a yoga room when you are on vacation.
  • You feel you cannot bear a cheap yoga mat any more.
  • No longer try the diet way to lose weight.
  • Stop pose your selfie but your yoga pose instead.
  • You have a new vision after you practice yoga.
  • Keep your mind fresh to look yoga all the time.

Practice … Practice … Practice more … then cheerful!