Anxious Mind


Sirsa meaning “head”

Asana meaning “posture”

Today was the 5th day into the YTT course. And of course Sirsana aka The King of Asanas AKA Headstand cannot be missed.

While we were warming up for inversions, many thoughts flooded my mind.

“Can I do it?”, “I don’t think I can do it..”, “I’m afraid of falling..”, “I have phobia of being upside down..”, “No just don’t do it.”, “I am sure there are other things that I can make up with during the practical exams.”

Master Sree went around supporting my classmates with their headstands. They did so well!! It was my turn…. I measured the distance from my elbow to elbow, ensured that my arms and elbows are fixed at 90deg, placed my crown on the ground and I chickened out.


Your mind tells you what it wants you to do. Your mind tells you things to protect you, it is natural. However, no matter how much you listen to your mind, it will find its way back to your head with another disturbing thought. It feels like your thoughts are telling you things that scare you and the horrible consequences that could happen if you perform certain actions. But you do not have to listen to your mind.

My mind told me that I will break my neck and injure my spine when I go into sirsasana. I have had that phobia since the day I fell while doing a pas de Deux when I was still dancing. My mind was protecting me from having to fall again.

After hearing those motivating words from my classmates and Master Sree, I realised that thoughts are just thoughts. I have to break that habit of obeying my mind. I cleared my mind and I started over with the headstand. I did it!

Thoughts are not facts and they stop you from realising your potential. When you have an anxious thought, step back and recognise that it is just a thought. Get back to whatever you are doing and focus on that present moment and do it.

You will not be able to stop your mind from throwing thoughts into your head. But that is ok, thoughts are just thoughts. Just do that headstand and breathe…