Discipline in yoga

Discipline is an important part in yoga practice. However it’s not the easiest thing at the beginning of this journey.

I can make my mind to wake up in the morning and start with anuloma viloma breathing in the bed to help to get up. But on practice what’s happening, after 1 minute performing it in the bed, is that I fall asleep. It took me a few days to come to conclusion – any yoga activities in the bed in the morning are not a good idea to do!! As Mother of 2 though, as soon as I get up from the bed, I find myself surrounded by kids who want to eat, help with dressing up , playing and just getting attention. So that’s not the easiest thing to get consistency in yoga at the beginning.

Easy mama, I told to myself. It is not easy to stick to daily yoga routine on life basis. However with some thought it’s possible.

So what can help to get onto the yoga mat daily?

First of all – PRIORITISE.
The most common obstacle for yoga practice is not having enough time. Life is busy, It is 21st Century. People juggling many things at the same time. However the truth is – keeping body and mind strong and healthy is our priority. As without it we can forget of performing all that work we do.

Make it necessary part of the day. Like cleaning teeth, having shower and eating food. Do yoga practice at least 20 mins a day. It’s not difficult if you put it on the same plank with other necessary tasks that you can’t live without.

SAME TIME EVERYDAY. The best way to keep yoga on is Practise it at the same time of the day. Make it your daily habit.

PLAN. Plan a little a day ahead, what you want to do at your practice. What you want to target and what is your intention.

Remember to allow to have time for yourself and teach it people around.




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