Of Discipline and Routines

The last time I’ve been waking up before the break of dawn every weekday, well almost every, and attending classes is more than a decade ago.
Having started YTT in Sept 2017 has made me the most disciplined person I’ve been throughout my life journey thus far, if memory fails me not. I’ve always remembered dragging myself up to attend school, the umpteen times the alarm was snoozed and the mad rush eventually to get to school simply because the mind and body lacked discipline and determination to attend school.
I’ve always needed 8 hours of daily sleep; the bare minimum I’d require to function. Early mornings are simply not my cup of tea and I’m not a creature of good habits.
It has been a truly enlightening experience attending YTT this September.
22 days into YTT, I’ve noticed how my body and mind had initially struggled with the daily routine of waking up at 6am, practicing the morning routine and heading for daily lessons practicing Asanas and pranayamas and then siting through the theory lesson in the afternoon. It has, in various ways, resisted and retaliated and ultimately became all receptive of the new routine.
Daily morning rituals have started to enhance my mental clarity and be in tune with myself. This is done simply by devoting a mere 10 minutes to Pranayamas practice of Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodhana, Uddiyani and Nauli bandha, Asanas practice of paschimottanasana, bhujangasana and ardha matsyendrasanas and dedication thanksgiving to important people ( parents, teacher and religion).
Truth be told, I have not expected myself to be so religiously following the routine, I’m impressed with the September Shirley for her dedication to routine and discipline.
With discipline in waking up early, following routine, attending YTT, I’ve felt the immense changes in my body and mind. My bloating has hugely reduced, my skin has cleared up a lot, and pimples subsided. My morning nasal congestion has hugely improved. My mental focus has been much clearer. My negative energies are channeled into positive ways. These improvement forms a continuous self-improvement cycle that encourages me to actually look forward to the daily routine.
The yogis believes a habit can be ingrained into one’s life if they follow the practice for one Mandalam ( 40 to 48 days). This is my dedication and commitment to ingrain discipline and daily routine into my life.
Shirley Koh,
September 2017 YTT Weekday Cohort.

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