Discipline and Practice

A quote that I like from my personal gym’s wall decoration “Discipline is a decision, while Motivation is a feeling. If you have the discipline, you will keep going regardless if you feel motivated or not.” I used to exercise whenever I am motivated, either because I want to distress myself or because I wanted to burn off those extra calories. This quote serve as reminder to me whenever I felt lazy or skipping a day in my workout.
Into my 3rd week of the course, I realize discipline is very important. When I was practicing yoga as a student, there are some asanas which I would not be able to perform, eg: Sirsasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, I would not be motivated to practice till I manage to get into that pose. Taking Sirsasana (headstand) as an example, I know the trick or the strengthening exercises to get into the pose. I did not have the discipline to make myself practice all the exercises.
Master Paalu told us that it is important to set good habits in ourselves so our children will be able to inherit these good habits as well. He told us that when he was young, his daily morning habits were:

  1. Om
  2. Kapalabhati
  3. Anuloma wiloma
  4. Uddiya Bandha
  5. Forward bend hold for 30 secs
  6. Cobra hold for 30 secs
  7. Side twist for 30 secs
  8. Headstand

He told us to do this daily. Initially, I did it to try what health benefits or peace would bring to me. After doing this for more than 2 weeks, I realize I am doing it more out of discipline. As I’m still trying to perform my headstand, this morning routine is a good time for me to practice as well. Of course, I’ll add on with other warm up exercises like planks and push up to warm my body before attempting. All these are now part of my daily routine.
I hope I am still able to sustain these routines when I have graduated. At the end of the day, to get perfect in anything, it’s all about discipline and practice.
Min Yi
Weekday 200hr

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