Discipline and Perseverance

These are the two key words I would remember from my Yoga teacher training.
Although I run long distances, and used to work massive hours in my previous sports events marketing job, I never experienced, felt this kind of commitment and perseverance before.
At the end of the first day of the training, it was quite obvious that my level was far behind most of the other students. I know yoga isn’t competitive, but let’s just admit that comparison. I felt a bit disappointed about myself – I didn’t think I was so weak, physically. Then, I would have to compensate with perseverance and hard work!
I set aside my family and friends, and worked so hard this month – even more during the second part of the training. I studied by myself or with other students in the afternoons, during evenings, weekends. I pushed myself to practice asanas, tried teaching on others, spent hours of research on the Internet, reading blogs, watching videos.
I had to incorporate this discipline into my day-to-day life, if I really want to get the yoga teacher certificate. Day after day, I become stronger physically, and mentally.
I can feel that yoga has become a part of me now. Yoga is a moral and physical discipline, and day-to-day perseverance.
My personal and professional projects will leverage on these skills, as well as on other yogi values, such as focus and concentration.
Also, the 200 hours program gave me a solid but general knowledge of yoga and its various shapes. I am curious to pursue efforts afterwards to explore further knowledge and practice of yoga. Yoga is a long journey to explore and live with a continuous, long term discipline!
Sophie, 200 hours – weekday program

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