Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition (for Yogi)
Proper adjustment of diet can not only cure and prevent certain diseases, but may even prolong human life. It is also believed that with a change in diet, it is possible to change the character of a person.                                                         For physical and mental well-being, quality and quantity of food play important parts. As to quantity, the old texts enjoin the Yogi to eat until his stomach is one-half full.
Aside from the philosophical principle of non-injury which would preclude killing animals for food, Yogins believed that man is essentially an herbivorous animal. A meat diet is actually believed to be unsuited to the human digestive system. Yogins found that man’s natural instincts would lead him to the most beneficial foods. Food stuffs which are pure, agreeable, easily digested and nourishing are those which are recommended. Examples are legumes, vegetables, fruits etc.  Highly-seasoned stuffs and stimulating drinks are considered unhealthy in the Yoga diet.
No exact quantity of food that would satisfy every individual is recommended. Some require a higher intake than others. Moderation is the key, one should eat no more or less than is absolutely necessary to satisfy one’s appetite. Most Yogi texts state that half the stomach should be filled with food at each meal, leaving one-quarter of the stomach space for water, one-quarter for air. Yogis are recommended to limit to 3 meals a day.
Lets all stay healthy!

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