Diet and Nutrition – Self- Healing Through Change.

Diet has always been an interest of mine purely to the fact that my mum was diagnosed with Colitis (which is a sever bowel disorder), when I was younger. The doctors told her if the disorder continued at that rate it would turn in to bowel cancer. Well the ‘C’ word in any family situation is always a shocker. My mum however has been a fighter all her life and she was not going to allow this disorder control her life.
At the time, she was on eight super strength steroids and steroid foam to control the condition and its symptoms. She consulted books and other alternative medicines but what it all came down to was that she needs to change her lifestyle completely. Firstly, she removed the stresses in her life, my dad and work, and then she changed her diet drastically. She was eating more organic and raw foods like kale, alfalfa sprouts, which at the time no one really sold, unlike now, you would have to go to the ‘hippy’ health food shops in and around London. She also reduced the amount of meat she was consuming. Tofu became big in our household.
While my mum was eating these foods I would try and eat them with her in support. Some were nice and other things I was not so keen on. I also found out that my Nan had a bowel disorder also and that she had to have a colostomy bag for a while. This made me realise I had to be careful with my diet as it seemed this bowel disorder was hereditary.
Slowly over a period of six months my mum weaned herself off the medication, not by request of the doctors but based on the way she was feeling and the fact she hated putting so many chemicals in her body.
Seven months passed and she went back for the routine colonoscopy. They were astonished; the Colitis had gone in to remission and was non-existent. They asked her lots of questions about what she had done and were shocked to hear she was no longer on the medication. They could not understand it. She explained about the change of lifestyle and diet, with an injection of regular exercise was all she did. To them this still did not explain their results.
My mum is my inspiration and if she can self- heal, it just goes to show with the power and will to change your current situation the results are endless even in the face of modern science saying ‘No’!
Niki Clarke
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