Good things come in small sizes

I am not talking about myself but blueberries which are bursting with goodness! Not only are they convenient (no peeling and cutting involved), these little powerhouses are also succulent and tasty. One of my absolute favourite toppings in my salad bowl.
It’s tough to pay attention to the nutrition of the food that I take when I am dining out most of the time but it helps that I can start small by popping them for snacks at work to replace the usual chips or chocolates. Here’s how this little fruit can help your health in big ways:
1) Maintaining healthy bones
2) Lowering blood pressure
3) Managing diabetes
4) Warding off heart disease
5) Preventing cancer
6) Improving mental health
7) Healthy digestion
8) Weight loss and satiety
9) Fighting wrinkles
Time to take charge of your health too by adding this nature’s super food to your daily diet. Better late than never! Kick start your day with a Blueberry yoghurt smoothie and here’s a fuss free recipe for the busy folks out there.
1 cup plain unflavoured yoghurt
1 cup of blueberries
1/4 cup milk
1 dash honey
Place yoghurt, blueberries, milk, handful of ice and honey into blender. Blend until smooth and taste it to add more honey if needed.
blueberry smoothie
It’s that easy! Pour, drink and enjoy!
Shirley Ang (200hr YTT weekend class)

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