Diet and Nutrition


A yogic diet consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and dairy products. Unprocessed and whole fresh foods will give you energy and strength. With your diet is clean and nutritious your life will totally change. To be happy and healthy ! I changed my diet for about a month following the yogic diet and I feel so clean, so happy and super light all the time. I am full energy and can concentrate better in meditation, pranayama and makes practicing asanas easier.

3 types of Foods.

Sattvic food gives you clarity and lightness. These food includes oats, quinoa, wheat, nuts, seeds, milk and these food like either lightly cooked or steamed. It provides you so much vital energy that bring joy and health to your life.

Rajasic food gives you will power. These food includes garlic, coffee, tea, tobacco, onions. These food make you angry, greedy, ego, violence and yogic diet should avoid these food as they over stimulate the body and mind destroying happiness.

Tamasic food gives you makes you dull. These food includes meat, fish, fried food, barbecued food. These food make you lazy and fill your mind with darkness. Accumulation of these food can lead to depression .

Eating more Sattvic food, avoiding rajasic and tamasic food will totally change your life so much and make you a happier person. By consuming food with positive energy, your body will change to become more joyful, more energy, more prana flow, and makes you pure and calm.


Venalie Tan (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)

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