Did you know we smell with our Muladhara Chakra?

Did you know we smell with our Muladhara Chakra?
Through my experience as a child with chronic headaches, regular reflexology was a true realise of this agonising pain I used to endure. Our bodies are not separate, hands, knees, head, heart, liver ect… but all is inter-linked. In China they use reflexology, pressure applied to specific zones in your hands, feet, and ears to help relieve pain and discomfort in other area’s of your body. Ie, creating pressure on the inside of the big toes and then releasing in-fact helps to relieve and congestion or pain within the nose and nasal passage.
What I have learnt is that we have 7 common Chakra’s, or in layman’s terms centre’s of energy that are positioned throughout our body. These Chakra’s are not exactly separate but linked with an energy called Kundalini which runs through from the lowest Charkra (the Muladhara) all the way to the top which is located hovering above our head (the Sahasrara). To allow the Kundalini to run freely on our path up to enlightenment, we as humans need to be aware and steady in the mind enough to tame our emotions. We can do this through Asana practice, which stimulates each Charkra depending on the pose, through Pranayama practice and finally Mediation. We are only then able to free our mind from idea’s and learnt behaviors that restrict our true potential. With the majority of society our emotions seem to run us rather than our mind running them. This is an imbalance of energy flow and consumption within our body. Humans tend to be stuck in certain Chakra’s, a cycle of bad habits that we seem to be unable to break.
The Muladhara is the first Chakra located at the base of the spine, the Chakra that typically testosterone fuelled men tend to be stuck in! This Chakra controls feelings of lust and desire, anger, jealousy and possession. A person, whose energy is stuck in this zone, may find they are often tired, they have digestive or immunity issues and are possessive in nature. They will also find that their sense of smell is not as strong or alert as others. Great poses to help make you feel more grounded and spin the wheels clockwise are, Uttanasana (Standing forward bend pose) or Parsvakonasana (Side-Angle Pose).
When we convert these bad emotions ie, lust for example which then can turn into creativity, we are creating positive energy for the Kundalini to move its way up to the next Chakra.
A word of warning smelling with your Muladhara Chakra in public may get you thrown out of a country, so perhaps leave it to try at home!

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