Dialogue on my Yoga Mat

My faithful yoga mat has bear witness to not only sweat dripping down on it but on occasional tears that comes with it.
I came to the 200 hours to have a better understanding of the asanas, the alignment, the techniques that lies in the asanas only contortionist are able to achieve effortlessly (ok now I’m getting ahead of myself!) and other aspects of Ashtanga yoga. I want to learn and understand, this aptly named form of yoga, Raja Yoga. But I got more than I asked for.
Coming to this training, the most challenging part I thought was to unlearn. But coming to the studio under the discipline guidance of master Paalu and Satya Weiling though “no walk in the park”, I learn the art of letting go. (Yes tell me about it! It’s so cliché I hear you and see you rolling your eyes!) On a serious note, until I bare my SELF to the teaching of yoga, I am missing out on this opportunity to see that self of what is me, under proper guidance.
The dialogue on my mat with each asanas I make; “where you are Midah, is where you need to be”. As I exhale extending my arms to the sides into Virabhadrasana 2, back foot is my past firmly on the ground, right knee bended, drishti forward to the here and now.
200hr TTC, Jan-Feb 2016

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