Developing my own practice

After Master Paalu shared his 5 Steps Rejuvenation Practice with us at the beginning of the Teacher’s Training Course, I was very inspired to develop my own practice, one that I have the motivation to commit to.


What I particularly like about Master Paaulu’s 5 Steps Rejuvenation Practice is that it is effective and quick. It does saddens me to say that with the current fast pace of life, it has changed some our habits and relationships of mankind to society; we often seek quick and effective solutions to problems, maximizing our resources for the most effective results, and sadly this has also translated to our practice with yoga. I cannot speak for all because I am certain there are many who still do commit to at least one-hour yoga practice daily, but personally for me, I do struggle keeping a consistent daily practice of at least an hour a day, especially with work and family commitments. Often there are many days I cheat and do 15-20 mins of meditation practice instead of the hour-long asana practice.


I started practicing yoga more seriously with the intention of helping my scoliosis and one of my main reasons for joining TTC is to better understand my body and heal myself. I would certainly like to maintain the discipline and carry through with my motivation to devote a considerable time to practice.So for days when I’m caught up with work and family, here’s my version of a quick and effective practice that I created for myself, with the intention of healing myself: scoliosis, upper back with neck and shoulder tension, headaches, to increase more blood flow to the head:


So here it is, a combination of my mind, body, spirit practice (encompassing a few other elements that I practice):


Pranayama (10 mins):
1) Kaphalbati (3 sets of 30)
2) Nadi Shoda with internal and external retention (12 rounds)
3) Breathing in and allowing the energy to travel up the spine (5 Breaths)

Asana Practice – For the purposes of relieving tension and energy blockage
(10 mins):
1) To relieve the tension on my neck (10 sets each):
Neck stretches – Left, Right, Up, Down
2) Shoulder Shrug with breathing (10 sets X 2)
Inhale – Raise and squeeze the shoulder upwards

Exhale – Relax the shoulders

3) Hands on the shoulder and fast twists according to the breath (2 min)
One of the Kundalini Yoga Warm up exercise.
4) To relieve the tension at by upper back and straighten out the spine (Hold 2 min)
Back stretch, palms pressing against the wall for a flat back + Breathing into the back

5) Headstand (Hold at least 8 breaths and steadily increase)
To increase blood flow to the head

Mind Practice/Energy Healing Practice (10 mins):

1) Dynamic Meditation – According to Silva Method (10 mins)
Count down to Alpha, go to the lab with counselors and work on projects I set to work on


The above sequence is a combination of some other modalities that I practice, and I think putting them together will enhance my own healing. This is the practice that I believe would benefit me the most at this moment (considering my scoliosis ad upper torso issues) and considering the time available on a busy day. Of course whenever possible, I would also want to do strength and flexibility practices, but for the above sequence, I commit to do this practice everyday.

I really appreciate Master Paalu sharing with us his 5-step rejuvenation practice, and that has greatly inspired me to put a practice together based on what I need now. Developing my own practice is fun and personal, this process reminds us to go inwards, to listen and be more attuned with our bodies. Thank you for the inspiration!


Carol Wong
200hrs YTTC March 2018

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