Desire to Improve My Yoga

When I was young, my parents sent to me to learn Chinese dance that helped me to obtain great flexibility. I still remembered during Junior College physical fitness test, I could easily achieve full marks for sit-and-reach and now I know I was actually doing Paschimottanasana at that time.

Yoga didn’t come into my life until I started working three years ago. All my friends including myself started to sign up for gym membership and yoga classes to make ourselves feel good and try to live a yearned life as working adults.

I bought packages of yoga classes from a hot yoga studio and went for the class on a weekly basis diligently. Hot yoga makes me sweat tremendously and I was telling myself I could lose weight from this exercise. But sooner I learnt I just lost water. Every class has more than 30 students. Although everyone is at different level of yoga practice obviously, there is only one universal class. Moreover, the yoga instructors are unable to attend to every student in the class. For half a year, I was doing the same poses without any improvement. Most of the time, I didn’t even know if I had done the poses correctly. Hence I stopped practicing yoga after my last class was taken.

Early this year, I suddenly had this idea of taking the yoga teacher course and started to research on it. Based on the information on the internet and people’s reviews, the course provided by Tirisula Yoga is the most intensive and comprehensive. The desire to pick up the basics about yoga, improve my yoga and learn yoga from a holistic view including philosophy, physical training and teaching triggered me to come for this yoga teacher training.

By Gracie