Derive more meaning from each yoga class

Before starting this course, I always enjoyed yoga classes as a participant. Just an hour long lesson on a comfortable mat, soaking in the atmosphere of a studio and mood of a moment.

It was only when I had to plan for a class, give instructions and try to create an experience did I realize the amount of work that goes into each lesson. From sequencing of poses and transitions to ensure a balanced muscle activation to setting a theme and managing the energies in a class, learning about these considerations helped me appreciate the effort that goes into each and every class.

Here are a few points to take note of when going for a class:

  1. Pose counter pose à Ensure that muscles are both strengthened and stretched, not overly contracted or stretched. If the class did not incorporate it, feel free to do it on your own to maintain that balance.
  2. Warm ups and cool downs à Listen to your body and ensure that you are using your muscles consciously and progressively to prevent pulls/tears or cramps. If it feels right to do that one more sun salutation, go ahead!
  3. Personalize it! à Everyone’s body is different and there are some poses that might be more naturally accessible to others due to anatomical differences. Chart your own path and incorporate the purpose of each pose to your own body. Understanding the intention of each pose helps us personalize the experience

I hope these points can help you enjoy future yoga classes you attend better and derive more meaning from each lesson.