Deepening my yoga practice beyond the mat

I am typing this as our Yoga Teacher Training is coming to an end and if there’s one main thing I am leaving with; it is with the intention that I am deepening my yoga practice beyond the mat. I shared earlier that I was introduced to yoga through Ayurveda, and I’ve been told that’s pretty unconventional because it never did start with a mat. It started with cleansing. My yoga therapist once joked that I didn’t choose yoga, yoga chose me. But it was during those treatments that I had met many yoga practitioners/therapists who taught me that yoga and mind are a single entity, not separate and yoga is more a lifestyle than just asanas. I was also constantly reminded to not suppress anything in my life because at the end of the day, I’ll be the one suffering – as exhibited through my health. While I am sensitive to the needs of others, I tend to forget to examine my own needs. I am glad I was tasked with Swadhyaya as my individual project because it served as a gentle reminder to check in with myself, my thoughts, and emotions. To train my brain to enter the subconscious mind – checking my habits, emotional reactions, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions. Now as I look back in the past month, this was again reiterated by all my Masters – Master Sree, Master Paalu, and Master Weiling. While the joke of yoga choosing me may still stand, I have decided to choose yoga too and to always remind myself that I am a human being, not a human doing 🙂