Aparigraha is one of the Yamas in the eight limbs of yoga. It is to be free from hoarding, not to take or collect things you are not going to use immediately. Most people use 20%of their belongings 80% of the time, keeping things ‘just in case’. This creates a lot of unnecessary clutter in the mind as well as their surrounding. By decluttering our environment we are creating simplicity and peace in our minds.  Treat your decluttering as an act of self-respect. Let the environment that surrounds you be a positive reflection of who you are.

  • Start simple, do not overwhelm yourself in the first attempt. Begin with one room or area and clear all the surface areas first.
  • Decide in advance possible destination for unwanted object:

-Donate           -Give to friend/ family            -Rubbish                -Garage sale
-If something has a strong emotional pull use a temporary storage for later review.

  • Always give yourself a date to start, don’t say tomorrow as tomorrow is always still coming and makes it easier to put it off.
  • Make sure everything has a home and if there is no room, then it or something else has to go.
  • Make files, not piles. Create a filling system for your paperwork.
  • Do it with someone, get someone else’s view. They may help you get rid of things you otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • Clean as you go. Take everything out of drawers and cupboards and clean the drawer before putting back only what you need.
  • Rearange the room and furniture so it has a fresh new look and feel.
  • Once you are done, observe the space and notice the difference you feel.


  • Did I forget I had this?
  • Is this clutter costing me? Emotionally, physically or any other way?
  • Could someone else benefit from this item?
  • Has it been 2 years since I uses, thought about or looked at this item?
  • TDo I have to keep this item I don’t really like just because ….. gave it to me?
  • Do I have something else that does the same job?
  • AmI keeping this item because it reminds me of someone? Have I got other things that remind me of them?
  • Has the time come to say goodbye to this item?
  • Will I feel better if I disconnect from this item?
  • Am I keeping this just in case?

These questions can help when deciding whether to part with something or not.
Go back into your environment as a different person. Pretend you have never been there before and look with fresh eyes. You will see the clutter that surrounds you every day that normally goes unnoticed. A good start to living in Aparigraha.

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