Dealing with yoga pain

If you’ve never gone through a primary series, you perhaps won’t ever know how much pain is involved when recovering from it. There are however a few things you can do to help yourself recover, and be 100% ready to do it all over again.
Before you figure out how to tackle yoga pain, you have to first understand what it is. To my understanding, muscle fatigue or soreness is a product of a chemical reaction which occurs within our muscles. We have three energy systems which allows us to fuel our muscles. The second energy system is the one which is related to muscle soreness; the lactic acid system. As the name would suggest, lactic acid is the product of the chemical reaction of what mainly uses carbohydrates to give our muscles energy. Now we know that the soreness we feel in our bodies is in part due to the acid produced during this process.
Now how do we get rid off lactic acid in our muscles? There are a number of theories, it’s best to try them all and find out what best works for you.
Physically pushing the acid out of your body by means of massage is common in the sports world. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done by someone else either. You can use a foam roller, or even a golf ball to put pressure on sore muscles.
Increasing blood flow to sore areas by means of cardio exercise or applying heat to muscles are both documented ways of increasing blood circulation and hence can flush lactic acid out of the muscles and into the blood where it can be disposed of by your body. Of course, you could also do some hot yoga which I have found personally to be the most affective way of dealing with muscle soreness.
Helping muscle soreness through diet is complicated in the way that there are many different opinions on the matter. Many are insistent that eating alkaline or alkaline forming foods are the best way to keep your muscles. In the sports medicine world, a post exercise beverage consistent of a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, following with a complete meal will be best in assisting muscle recovery.

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