My Last Few Days of 200 Hours YTTC

The main purpose of yoga is to help you to be more aware of your body and feeling. Yoga is not just focusing in achieving certain poses, rather than improving your well being. Of course during the past six weeks we have been sweating a lot and aching all the time in our attempt of perfecting our yoga poses. Though some of us are unable to make all the poses perfectly, but at least we have made a great progress during this six weeks time. Just be consistent and persistent with our practices. That day will come whereby we will be able to make the poses with the correct techniques.
During the first week I joined the class, I experienced a drastic change in my lifestyle. Dealing with pain everyday after a year of not practicing yoga had become a daily habit. I used to go out at night almost everyday and I suddenly needed to sleep earlier as I needed to wake up earlier. It was kind of shocking as the change took place in a blink of eyes. Luckily my body started to adapt at the beginning of the second week. I started to enjoy the lessons as I made friends with fellow trainees.
It was wonderful until the sixth week came whereby assignments and tests came to my doorstep. I needed to do a lot of researches both theoretically and practically. Stress embraces me as the deadline drew closer and I had not done my assignments and exam preparations. A sense of achievements and relieved came out as a rewards after this 6 weeks journey.
My journey in practicing yoga doesn’t stop here as I bid farewell to some of my fellow trainees. Great memory was engraved and it shall last forever. One day we will become great yoga teachers and recall those days when we trained together. Thank you solely is not enough to express my gratitude towards the master teachers and fellow trainees. We have learned so much from each other.  I am really grateful to be a part of this wonderful group.
Teresa Rinda
200hr TTC (Weekday – Nov 2013)


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