The First Day

The First Day

Today was the first day of the TTC and having just registered only the night before, I was feeling a little hesistant. There were these constant doubts at the back of mind if I’m really prepared for the training, if I could really commit the time etc., but I told myself to just go ahead and keep an open mind. Because if I don’t do it now, when will I ever be ready? So I decided to just bite the bullet and go for it. (Well, looking back now, this turns out to be one of the best decisions ever.)

Today’s lesson covered an overview of what Yoga is – it’s more than just union of Mind, Body and Soul. We learnt that Yoga by its very nature is linked to universal laws such as respect for life, truth and patience.

It’s important to go beyond the cosmetics of Yoga in our practice in order to achieve mind clarity. Besides purity of body, thought and word, Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana are critical to smoothern out the energy flow in our body. We were given a morning ritual:

  1. Get up 45 mins before sunrise

  2. Kapalabhati 20 times/3 rounds

  3. Anuloma Viloma 10 rounds

  4. Udiyana Bandha 5 times

  5. Asanas – Combination of forward bends, Cobra, side twists

  6. Dedication – Chant Om

There is just so much to learn and I’m looking forward to the next lesson already.


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