Crystals & Yoga

A quick search on Google will reveal many ways in which one can use crystals to enhance their yoga practice. There is also plenty of information available online about how crystals are associated with the different chakras, and how crystals can help promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. While there isn’t (or at least I think there isn’t) any scientific evidence to support the notion that crystals can harness energy, I have always felt drawn to crystals, and started collecting them a long time ago, way before I started practicing yoga. They initially served as decorative pieces, but I subsequently started using them in my meditation practice.

Having formed in the earth’s surface thousands or millions of years ago, crystals are commonly thought of as a means to help us connect with the energy of the universe. Here are some of my favorite pieces. On the extreme bottom left is a piece of Palo Santo wood, which is also used to cleanse my crystals of any unwanted negative energy after meditation.

My crystal collection

I normally do not research the properties of any particular crystal before purchasing it; I will buy it if I feel a connection. Without realising it, I somehow collected more pieces of amethyst crystals than other types – the properties of amethysts are to aid healing and bring about intense spiritual growth and self-discovery, so perhaps my inner sub-conscious thought it was the type of energy I could utilise?

It’s easy to meditate with a crystal. Just sit or lay on the mat with a stone in your palms, focus on the breath, and visualize/feel the energy spreading from your palms to the rest of your body. When you are ready, gently blink a few times and open your eyes, then cleanse the crystal properly (there are many ways of doing this!).

It’s interesting because each crystal vibes with each person differently, so when picking up a stone, trust your intuition in telling you what your soul needs.