Crow Cue

Technique is important. Initially, I wasn’t very sure how to get into the Crow Pose (Kakasana), what I knew was to place my palms on the ground and shove my knees into my armpits and tilt forward. But from there I could get nowhere but tired arms and knees.
After a step-by-step guidance from Erica, I know how to get into my crow. I was advised to practice holding in chaturanga (also known as low plank) and pushing back up to plank to build my core strength. It is also a good practice for arm balances.
Benefits of this pose:
Strengthens the wrist, forearms and abdomen; improves balance
How to get into your crow (Kakasana):
1. From Tadasana, bend your knees slightly and place your palms flat on the mat shoulder distance apart.
2. Place your knees on the back of your upper arms.
3. Keep your gaze forward, place a block infront of you if you are trying crow for the first time
4. Lean your body forward, arms in slight 90 degrees angle, you can place your forehead at the front of the block
5. Take your feet off the floor, one at a time, gradually you come to balance with both feet up.
How to get into your crane (Bakasana):
1. From crow, squeeze your legs against your arms.
2. Press your hands firmly to the floor and straighten your elbows. Your inner knees should be glued to the outer arms, high up near the armpits. Keep your head in a neutral position with your eyes gazing forward at the floor, or lift your head slightly without compressing the back of your neck.
Use of blocks:
1. Forehead Balance – If you fear slamming of your face into the mat, place the block infront of you and lean your forehead towards the front of the block.
2. Toe Balance – Place the block underneath your feet, for height in sending your knees into your armpits and for the ease of leaning forward
We should to learn to fall, and acknowledge the feeling. Fall off walls, fall on blocks, fall on your back, fall with control and even learning how to roll during your fall to fall safe. Once you are not afraid of falling, practice the resistance to fall. Eventually you will find your balance.
Next up, I need to practice my side crow, twist body, engage core, place palms there and hip here?
Denise Leong
200hr YTT Weekday
(March 2015)

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