To create a stable and comfortable Tree pose (Vrksasana)

Vrksasana is one of the balancing pose in yoga lesson ,it is always my weakest pose when I first step on the yoga mat. Is my balance has some problem??I should get a point to get focus??How to get my balance improved??
Apart from building up the midline sensation , grounding your standing leg actively and getting yourself one point focus ,what’s more? What we might miss in preparing our muscles good enough for balance?
To maintain a good balance ,we need to stabilize our pelvic well .The balance between the muscle of inner(adductor) and outer (abductor)hip plays an important role for stabilizing the pelvis.In a single leg position,adductor contracts to bring the pelvis toward the midline while abductor needed for stabilizing the pelvis to prevent it from dropping on the lifted side.
If the abductor of the standing leg is not strong enough , quadratus lumborum of the other side( lift side) may take over the role to hold the pelvis leveled.
To restore balance, release the tension of adductor at the same time don’t miss to strengthening the abductor .Abductor takes the role to stabilizing the pelvic in single leg standing or even walking.
We may sometime overlook the importance of abductor but focus a lot in opening of the hip and working of adductor in our single leg standing position. The weakness of one muscle may also cause overwork of the other muscle like quadratus lumborum in Vrksasana .If not paying attention into this problem we may not able to improve our balance at the same time get our muscle overworked as well.
Mika Cheung YTTC200( weekday) march

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