Me & My Crazy Spine

For the 1st time Hui Yan drag Elliot (the Mr. Skeleton in the studio), I found he is kind of cute. Then I realize I have to study him from top to bottom and inside out, I changed my mind about him. Elliot why are you so complicated in so many ways.

Biology was never my thing which is also the subject I skip back in school. Well, looks like I have no escape route these time round. Having constant back problem, its no harm to find out which body part has been bullying me all this while.

Found out that not having a good proper posture to maintain my spine at good health was the biggest culprit to my back problems. In class there are constant reminders of “contract your core, keep your spine straight, don’t arch your back”, then that’s when I realized all these help to ease my back issues. 

So our human Spine has four (4) sexy curves:

1. Cervical (7 vertebrae)

2. Thoracic (12 vertebrae)

3. Lumbar (5 vertebrae)

4. Sacral (sacrum 5 vertebrae, coccyx 4 vertebrae)

Within this sexy curvy spine is called the spinal cord which travels within the spinal canal, formed from a central hole within each vertebrae. Spinal cord is part of the central nervous system within the body.

Among this sexy curves of column, there are two type of dude which I like to call them the bachelor and the married man. The cervical & the lumbar regions are the bachelors which have large & triangular column that allows them to enjoy the greatest freedom of movement. On the other hand, thoracic region columns are like the married man with very limited motion which small and rounded columns.

Between each vertebrae comes with those small little cushion act as shock absorbers are called the intervertebral disc. It helps to prevent the bones from rubbing against each other. Of course there are other bodyguard that take care of the spine called the muscle. There are two long paraspinal muscles that runs along both sides of the spine to protects and hold them up right. They support the spine and provide the motor for movement of the spine.

As simple as something like that runs along from the top of the neck to the tail bone is a very complicated yet beautiful thing that keep us mobile. Without it functioning properly we might be paralyzed or with limited mobility.

Having this anatomy knowledge change my mind about how I treat my back, they need a lot of TLC (tender, loving, care). And it also help me to gain knowledge on how to ease my pain and strengthen my back through yoga which has a great impact in my life in a good way.

XOXO from Evelyn

p/s: found out I have super flat back (no wonder I can’t be a bendy), from now on I need to be with J.Lo butt everyday to improve my posture!


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