What after this course?

In the first year after this I won’t be able to teach in a professional circuit but I’m going to continue first with self practice. I think yoga is so ‘easy’ to practice because you can do it anywhere, alone or together with friends, at all ages. Personal practice will help me to build up strength, flexibility and more insight in the asanas but also a deep connection with myself. I need to have at least those 30 minutes a day that are mine, no one else interrupting.
Yoga has surprised me. Never practising yoga before, I couldn’t image how broad the concept of yoga would be. I only expected to get physical exercises and sweat a lot, but I didn’t expect the whole philosophy and scientific keys behind it. Although I don’t agree with or understand all the philosophical concepts where we’ve only touched the surface, it’s fascinating and makes me very curious about more. This is only the start of my journey and I look forward to what the future brings. But now, I’m just enjoying every single moment.
Anja, 200h weekday – personal reflection 2

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