Corpse Pose

Let me share a funny story before I go into why I fancy Corpse Pose. Years ago, I remember when I walk-in for a trial yoga lesson at the community centre, the final pose the instructor introduce at the end of the lesson was Corpse Pose. At that very moment, beside me, two ladies in their 50s starts whispering softly to each other, “ah choi, what xi lang pose, choi choi”. Unable to control, I burst into laughter over their conversation. In the midst of my laughter, I heard the sound of annoyance “Tsk” from their direction. Sensing unhappiness I pretend to go into deep Savasana to get out of the awkward situation and this was the best benefit I got from this pose at that moment.

After reading on Corpse Pose and experience from self-practice over the years, creepy as the pose may sound, I found the benefits it brings is amazing. The benefits includes:

  • lowered blood pressure
  • a decreased heart rate
  • slowed rate of respiration
  • decreased muscle tension
  • decreased metabolic rate
  • reduced occurrence of headaches
  • relief from fatigue and insomnia
  • reduced nervous tension
  • relief from anxiety and panic attacks

Through deep relaxation in Savasana our body and mind are able to rejuvenate and renew after an intense yoga workout. Hopefully,  you will enjoy and benefit from this pose as much as I do.