A conversation with a friend

A conversation with a friend


I have a good friend back in the UK who is a Yoga Teacher, she has been practicing for over 30 years and I was always in aw of her as a person. So calm, balanced and content.

Despite her teaching I never felt the urge to take yoga seriously, I mean, I attended a few of her classes and enjoyed them but honestly, that was because we had a nice coffee and a chat afterwards.

I left the UK and moved to Singapore 3 years ago and Yoga never entered my mind. Then I attended a class 5 months ago and felt a little different, a sense of calm passed over me, but why now? Why not when I lived in the UK and with my friend.

When I decided to embark on the 50 hour self practice course I sent a message to my friend asking for any advice she may wish to share with me. She immediately messaged me back and agreed I should attend the course and the words she wrote were these “ It’s a long and consistent journey. Which is OK as you know it will be a companion forever”

 My initial reaction was a little unsettling, a companion forever? But what if I get bored, or what if I’m able to do it this week but not next week? Am I ready for such a commitment? So many thoughts and mixed feelings passed over me, however I felt a pull towards it and found myself no longer questioning my decision to sign up for the course.

I then attend the course and day-by-day I’m learning about yoga, and not just the Physical practice but about yoga being a way of life. Learning about a Universal Consciousness’ and about Yama and Niyama, About Karma Yoga and suddenly it clicks, the way we breathe, the way we eat, the things we say and how we react, the way we live our lives..           

It’s all beginning to make sense. Although I cant predict what my future will hold I can say that my journey so far has been enlightening. I’m beginning to feel different, to act different and to speak in a different way. If this is the beginning then I’m definitely moving towards Yoga being my forever companion.


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