Controlling your mind

Meditation is one of the key components of yoga as it trains the mind to fully concentrate and is broadly practised in different contexts.  It is popularly used to clear the mind, promote relaxation, alleviate health issues like depression or anxiety.
Commonly used in modern yoga lessons, Yoga Nidra is used to close off the practice in savasana (the corpse pose). Yoga nidra serves as a cooling down mechanism for the physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. It is one of the practices of pratyahara in the 8 limbs of yoga where the awareness is internalised. As a form of meditation, yoga nidra is also an effective mind-body therapy which is found to reduce tension and anxiety. Coupled with its multiple health benefits, it has led to an increase in the overall well-being of the practitioner.
Yoga nidra generally involves 5 steps – preparing our physical body, breathing, relaxing ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually. Lastly, we would have to come out of yoga nidra to come to a normal state.
Meditating before the start of a yoga practice clears and stabilises the mind. This brings awareness to our bodies, helps us to to avoid any injuries or accidents and is particularly useful as we work on our body alignments in each asana pose.
Meditation after the practice cools the body down and gets it to an effective state of relaxation (REM state) for recovery. It increases blood circulation and strengthens our cardiovascular system and immunity. Physically, it is an effective way to cure insomnia and normalises blood sugar. It also helps people to overcome mental issues like anxiety, depression, fears and reduces stress.
Beyond our yoga practice on the mat, meditation improves concentration and creativity. Incorporating meditation within our daily lifes will benefit our work, lifestyle choices and boost our contentment. It cultivates a deep and acute sense of consciousness which brings about its healing and comforting effects.
– Sinyi on meditation (200hr YTTC/HathaAshtanga/Weekday/19Jun)

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