The constant battle with the inner voice

‘I can’t do it’
‘Argh I’m so tired’
 ‘Where’s the wall?!?!’
‘My arms are too weak’
‘OMG so scary!!’
‘I’m so stupid, I can’t remember anything’
The inner voice is something that we often deal with. The voice becomes even more apparent in situations where we are challenged, feel uncomfortable or pressed to make a decision. So is this voice our safeguard or is it our limitation?
Humans may be the most evolved mammals walking this earth but we have been conditioned to seek comfort in our lives, so much so that anything that seems to disrupt this comfort, the mind clamps it down straightaway. Compared to doing any asana or any theory, this might be the singularly most important hurdle to overcome. I am no expert at this but what I have felt work for me are:

  • Be patient. – Yes we all seek instant gratification or try to be heroic but some things do need time, be it strength, flexibility or memory work.
  • One more time – Anytime I feel like giving it, I always convince myself to do one more rep or hold one more second.
  • Give it a go – Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can’t, even without trying. There’s no harm at giving something a go, and if I fail, at least I can tell myself that I’ve tried before
  • Breathe – Never underestimate the power of breathing. Taking one long deep breath can do amazing things for nerves, jitters, anxiety and worry.
  • Trust yourself – If you can’t even trust yourself, who will?
  • No fear – I try to tell myself this as many times as I can. Remove the fear, practice and one day, things will happen.

Yes I advocate these pointers but I am human after all, which means there are times where I succumb to that inner demon and let it get the better of me. The journey to fearlessness is undoubtedly a long one but I am not giving up and I hope you, the reader, will not too!
Michelle Ng
Weekend 200hr
Jan 2015

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