Just when we thought there was nothing left to say about the connection between all of us.. 

The very first day when I stepped into the studio and slowly rolled out my mat, I turned around and greeted people around me, “Hello, how are you?” “What’s your name?”asked one smiling. We started self-introduction and smiling back at them. We bumbled through introductions, gesturing and nodding. “It was nice to practice with you,” the second woman offered in halting English. My heart melted. “You too,” I said, realizing how very grateful I was for this moment of contact.
This small little gesture warms my heart, the attentiveness, connections.. I wanted to say more, to thank them for reaching out to me, for seeing me.  
Taking a step back, I placed my palms together in anjali mudra and bowed my head. “Namaste,” I said. Word with every ounce of love and gratitude that I could to express how much i appreciate the presence of different people before turning and disappearing into the crowd headed to get out of the studio.


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